I’ve been having trouble with GM8.1 when trying to test my next game. About half the time I try and run the game, I get an unexpected error and the game won’t start. If any of you have this problem, please lend your voice either here or on the GMC and maybe we can figure this out.



Okay, so it’s been a while bunny in cannon preparing for a launch.since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy with other things in life. Now that summer is here I should have more time to work on my next game, which still doesn’t have a name, but should be awesome anyways. Since my last update on the bunny game, I’ve implemented different launchers, an upgrade system, a better trampoline system, and other cool effects. I also got the view working properly.

Font Splitter

For those of you who like to make your own bitmap fonts for your games, here’s something I think you’ll like. This is a free program written by a guy named Arima, which will scan a PNG file and separate out individual characters of a font and save them as separate files. Check it out:

Grab bag of bunny

It’s been a while since I last posted, so I thought I’d share with you my latest update. This is the next game I’m working on, though its far from finished. If you’ve played Bunny Blaster on gamejolt, you’ll know what it’s about. As you can see, not all the graphics are complete yet, and right now there’s only one bunny and you can’t even launch him. I’m also having to deal with the fact that game maker starts with y=0 at the top, so my room has to be really, really tall. That’s all for now.


Bomberman Goes Cutie

I’m not sure what to classify this game as, but I’m sure it belongs in the category of “fun.” When I first saw this game, I was like, okay so it looks cool, but all you really do is walk around and get blown up, right? Well, after playing it a bit more, I discovered that this game requires strategy, timing, and logical thinking. Although the basics are quite simple (you’re 1 of 4 players and you have to blow up the other three using bombs and a variety of pick-up items while avoiding being blown up yourself), it turns out to be an extremely addicting game. I recommend you try it.