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Well, not really. They’re an essential part of any game with a story line, but they are a pain to code because things have to happen in a certain order and everything in timed. Game Maker does not have good architecture for creating a list of instructions such as ”move left 4 spaces, then wait 50 steps, then cause the door object to begin animating, then wait until the player presses space”, so I’m having to use a combination of timelines and paths to get the job done. I made a couple of big mistakes in the beginning, but things are finally coming together. Let me share a few lessons I’ve learned.



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Okay, so it’s been a while bunny in cannon preparing for a launch.since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy with other things in life. Now that summer is here I should have more time to work on my next game, which still doesn’t have a name, but should be awesome anyways. Since my last update on the bunny game, I’ve implemented different launchers, an upgrade system, a better trampoline system, and other cool effects. I also got the view working properly.

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It’s been a while since I last posted, so I thought I’d share with you my latest update. This is the next game I’m working on, though its far from finished. If you’ve played Bunny Blaster on gamejolt, you’ll know what it’s about. As you can see, not all the graphics are complete yet, and right now there’s only one bunny and you can’t even launch him. I’m also having to deal with the fact that game maker starts with y=0 at the top, so my room has to be really, really tall. That’s all for now.

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4th Neuculi preview video. As you can see, I got some new music, and I now have 3 pieces (2 normal, 1 for the boss). You’ll only hear one of the normal ones, and the boss theme, because I’m too bad at the game (or maybe it’s too hard now) to make it past the first boss. Lol 😛

Anyway, you can also see the updated highscores system, and a new options menu which allows you to toggle various settings. Also implemented an option for continuous shooting (thanks to Trollsplatterer’s input) which changes the space bar action from having to be held down to toggling firing on/off.

Also,  in case you haven’t noticed: Today’s date is 1/11/11.

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Exciting news. Neuculi is wrapping up. Today I finished coding YoYo Final Bossall 24 waves of enemies and started working on the final boss. After that, there’s just a bit more bug testing to do, especially on the endless mode, before we go public. Online highscores are working nicely, thanks to JubJub and his awesome highscore system.

Some recent updates include:

  • New enemy type that bounces you away.
  • New enemy type that shocks both you and the enemy.
  • Slight tweaks to bosses to make the difficulty more even, so you’re not sitting around one point doing nothing and inundated with enemies the next.

Fluffy Pink BunnyAnd, in other news: I’ve got ideas for a game after Neuculi. I won’t say too much, but it involves cute furry animals, gunpower, and trampolines.

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Neuculi Beta Testing has begun. Unlike withGoogle Docs Guliseo Spirit, I’ve chosen to do a closed beta, so not everyone will be able to play the game. I’ve contacted some of my friends on YoYoGames to help me with the testing, and so far it’s going pretty well. I’d say the hardest thing for me was making sure I remembered to turn of all the level-skipping I had put in, so that my beta testers wouldn’t start on level 18 or something. Also, I’ve come up with a new and improved way to get feedback on my game from beta testing. After using Google Docs for the Game Maker Games Marketing Survey, I found it was a really neat way to take a pole, so I set up my own poll for Neuculi and gave it to each of my beta testers. It asks questions like,

  • How would you rate this game?
  • What part of this game did you like the least?
  • Did the music fit with the game?

Then it consolidates all this in one place where I can access it any time I want to. It’s really simple, and a lot better than having to dig through PM’s for the information.

Hopefully I can finish Neuculi in time for Easter,

A saurus1

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