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ImageWe’re down to our last few days before release. I’m waiting on music from Caleb Cunzer, who did the music for Neuculi and as agreed to do music for Kitchen Escape as well. This release should be really exciting, but I also have plans for my next game, which I think will actually be better than this one.

Right now I’m working on rabbit voices. It’s amazing what you can do with programs like Audacity. If you’ve listened to any of my videos, you know my speaking voice isn’t all that nice. (Doesn’t say anything about my singing voice though; Asaurus1 Things You Should Know #1: I am still able, quite surprisingly, to sing the soprano part to the Hallelujah Chorus. And the tenor part. But not at the same time :)) I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a good enough voice talent for the rabbits, but it seems to be turning out fine. Even I like the sound of the sped-up voice effects, and I think it will add a lot to the game.



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